Tell the community who you are and show off your vehicle(s). (GM only please, there is another section for non-GM vehicles)
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Names Mike but I go by 4silverado; last name is pronounced like the number 4. Current truck is an 04 Silverado extended cab shortbed 2 wd. Stock for most part except I've been slowly upgrading the stereo and a few other things. It's my daily driver so no serious changes for now. I changed out the Bose radio a few years ago to a Kenwood double din and PAC harness. Last year I added Powerbass L2-522 (5 1/4) to the rear extended cab doors. Over the weekend, I found a good deal on a open box Kenwood DDX6706S DVD player and a set of JBL GX608C 6 1/2 component speakers.

I'm here cause I'm always looking for info on these trucks.
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Re: Howdy

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If you're not too awfully attached to the empty space under the rear seat, you could stick one or two subs under there. You can fit a 10" under there in a quality box which would free up the rear doors for decent mid-range speakers that the HU should have enough power to push. Of course, that shit doesn't come cheap, but that would be my choice when it comes to stereo.

While I still have the stock speakers in the rear doors of my 2009, I added Kicker 6 1/4" 2-way speakers up front that are just being pushed by the 50w x4 Kenwood HU. That HU is 10 years old now, so it's just a catalyst between the media inputs and the powered speakers...I don't get into all the graphics on HUs like I did when I was younger. The two 10" JL subs under the back seat that are powered by the 600w JL mono sub amp give that added punch that I really enjoy.
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