Wiper blades...What do you use?

Let's talk about all things that people see (minus wheels and tires) as well as mods and repairs for your fine GM Truck/SUV. Wind and rain deflectors, tint, color schemes, wheel liners and bumpers.
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Wiper blades...What do you use?

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Normally I would go with the OEM blades on my trucks, but over the past couple years I've opted for aftermarket brands over GM. I have played no favorites thus far...I've used Trico, Bosch, Rain-X and the OEMs the first couple years (which are damn near double the price of the aftermarket substitutes (and they seem to last much longer anyway)).

Currently I am running the Bosch Pure Vision and they seem to be holding up pretty well for the atypical "wet" year we've had in Oklahoma. At nearly 6 months, they still clear the window pretty damn good, even with the sometimes horizontal rainfalls we've had this summer.

What is everyone else using?
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Re: Wiper blades...What do you use?

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I have always had good luck with Trico.

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