Let's dispense with the pleasantries...

Any general business within site or special announcement such as naming of new Global Moderators or the spreading of holiday joy.
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Let's dispense with the pleasantries...

Post by OnlyinaChevy » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:54 pm

First and foremost, this forum is here to serve as an information database of sorts for members and guests to share, discuss or just read information about how to fix or mod their Trucks and SUVs.

If there's one thing I know about GM vehicle owners, they are passionate about their vehicles. Sometimes this passion and love of a vehicle may prompt an otherwise negative response or something taken out of context. We are not here to fight and argue, but instances like this will occur randomly; sometimes unexpectedly and other times by people that are generally arrogant in their speech (typing, in our case).

I'd rather not see people lashing out at each other, but will allow some latitude if a thread gets a little off-topic or some minor bashing starts. We are grown-ups, you have to understand that not everyone sees your point or agrees wholeheartedly with your opinion. If you feel something is really getting out of hand, send me or a moderator (once I feel the need to start appointing them) a PM or Email so we can sort things out and get shit back on topic.

And while we are on the subject of Admin and Moderators, please respect them. They are not being paid to have this site open and we have lives and jobs away from the site. We are not baby-sitters and will try NOT to just police the forums. Like I said, we are adults so act accordingly.

I rather not start out with strict rules, so let's just play nice and have a good time!

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