@ ASTE25 « Fri 12:10 am »
I was waiting for it to calm down a bit so I could get a word in edge wise!
@ S&H (NotGreenStamps) « Thu 5:40 pm »
Almost a week later and no posts... sad
@ S&H (NotGreenStamps) « Fri 11:05 am »
One of his roomates posted that Vince tries to act like a mod where he lives. He tries to edit his roommates and ban them at times.
@ S&H (NotGreenStamps) « Fri 11:04 am »
Vince doesnt seem to play well with others
@ ASTE25 « Thu 12:33 am »
You knew you might have some undesireable roomies when you decided to stay at the rescue mission, Vince.
@ OnlyinaChevy « Wed 9:19 pm »
Until I get settled into my own fucking place, I’ll be busy with other shit.
@ OnlyinaChevy « Wed 9:19 pm »
Yeah, I get it. I’m having issues again with roommates so I won’t be popping in for a while again
@ CritterSnicker « Mon 8:22 am »
Checking in.... been a while
@ OnlyinaChevy « Sat 5:26 pm »
I need some time to do what I need to here, it just conflicts with my work hours...I’ll get after it, hopefully, in the upcoming months.
@ ASTE25 « Sat 3:07 pm »
This place has really picked up this year!
@ 39 Sedan « Wed 11:20 am »
@ ASTE25 « Sun 8:42 pm »
You need to do something Viunce. We have been carrying this place for you long enough
@ OnlyinaChevy « Fri 7:28 pm »
Got another 4 day weekend, gotta do something
@ OnlyinaChevy « Fri 7:28 pm »
Maybe I can get some decent posts up in the forums... Get some searchability going
@ OnlyinaChevy « Fri 7:27 pm »
Glad you’re enjoying yourself

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